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Nozzle Inspection Equipment

Nozzle Inspection Equipment


  • Product Size : Width - 480m, Height - 380mm, Depth - 295mm
  • Weight : 8kg
  • Microscope Maximum Magnification : 100x
  • Rated Voltage : AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Rated Current : 1A

* We can change the standard to improve the performance of the product.

Product Features

1. Nozzle Cleaner(BNC-8000) Holder : Full Compatibility

  • Nozzles cleaned from the nozzle cleaner (BNC-8000) can be inspected by mounting them on the inspector without removing them from the holder.

2. 100x Electron Microscopy (Internal Light)

  • 100x electron microscopy for precise inspection
  • Internal LED light makes it easy to inspect for foreign substances inside the nozzle
  • Light OFF

  • Light ON

3. Quick Inspection

  • Hand wheel for quick inspection.
    (When the hand wheel is turned, it stops exactly with a "click" sound in the 30 nozzle positions. Convenient and fast inspection possible)
  • Left and Right Control

  • Upper and Lower Control

4. Simple Installation

  • Connect power lines for everyplace(free volt 100~240V , 50~60Hz)

Additional Utilization

  • Any nozzles can be inspected by replacing the holder only
  • Use for warehousing inspection (Purchasing new nozzles)
  • Wide operating ranges are also good for PCB testing.(from front to back and side to side direction)
  • When urgent and rapid examination is required under a microscope


  • ① 4.3’ Integral Monitor
    Photography & Video Recording Function
    Saving Files to SD Card

  • ② PC-connected
    Photography & Video Recording Function
    Control with PC and Saving Files to it